Eden Farms

A virtual Garden of Eden year round and right in your own back yard!  Eden Farms greenhouse hydroponics offers clean, fresh and flavorful herbs and greens to Midwest consumers, chefs and retailers all year long. Our living plants are grown locally under roof with no pesticides and no harmful chemicals in a controlled environment.  This indoor method greatly reduces the risk of contamination from harmful microorganisms, provides protection from animals, pests and harmful insects and other outdoor elements.

Our family shops for food that has been kept in its most natural form. Buying local is very important to our family and many others that are realizing the huge impact on food safety and accountability that the localavore push is bringing to light.  Consumers won’t be kept in the dark about the food they are purchasing and trusting in. We are just weeks away from being 3rd party audited and have a GAP Food Safety Program in place.  Please explore our website and try our products.

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