About Us

How our company came to grow……

About UsEven though I was raised a city kid and my background is more technically based, I have always had a great respect for and love of farming. After many years of working in the field of electrical engineering, I was yearning for a different “field” entirely. Finding it difficult to get into traditional farming and, after researching the benefits of hydroponics, I took a huge leap of faith and bid on a greenhouse through Ebay. To my astonishment, I was the winning bidder! I guess fate and faith brought my engineering background and my passion for growing together and sent me in the direction of hydroponic growing.

In 2005 I went to Ohio and dismantled the entire greenhouse that I had just purchased and moved and reassembled it on my property northwest of Indianapolis (near Jamestown). It wasn’t long before the first crops of living basil were being harvested and distributed, and since that time Eden Farms has tripled its production and branched into carrying Watercress and Arugula. We have a great team of employees that are an integral part of getting our herbs to you. Some of our major distributors are Indianapolis Fruit, Piazza Produce, Crosset Company and Caito foods. We also have our own refrigerated truck when it benefits our customers to deliver directly.

Weeding out the competition. What sets us apart……

While there is heavy reliance on the team of workers at Eden Farms, I make sure to be hands-on at the greenhouse daily. It is important to me that the plants we grow are above and beyond the quality of herbs that are traditionally found at your local grocer and big box stores. The size, quality, color, flavor and freshness of the plants from Eden Farms must be superb. Buying the highest quality seeds and providing the best growing conditions is a must. We keep the root ball on our plants to ensure longer lasting, fresher quality and we do not use harmful chemicals or pesticides. Our facilities and equipment are clean and in a controlled environment, we follow good agricultural safety measures and practices and we have a Food Safety Program in place. I am dedicated to seeing that everything is done with food safety, superior quality of product and consumer satisfaction as the elements of utmost importance behind this business.

Randy Butts, President Eden Farms

Growing closer……

One of the greatest factors in ensuring the highest quality of our plants is that our products be kept local. Many stores claim to carry “local” products, but in fact only carry a very small percentage of local produce. Much of it is shipped in from hundreds to thousands of miles away and is mass produced, mass harvested and mass distributed. Some herbs are actually harvested in Mexico, which means the labor cost is not staying in the U.S., let alone Indiana and surrounding states. By the time it gets to the grocery store and then to you, it has been handled by many people and is well on its way to an expired shelf life. Keeping Eden Farms local is also an important factor in providing our consumers with the best choice in herbs and produce. If the store you frequent doesn’t carry Eden Farms tell them you would like to be able to purchase it there. Supporting local growers is supporting local growth!